Various Parenting Roles Parents Will Become

Various Parenting Roles Parents Will Become

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If you have kids, you would agree that parenting job is the hardest job in the world. It doesn’t come with a pay and yet you have to bear a huge responsibility – not only to yourself but also to your future generation. Being a parent also means that you will take some multifunctional roles that you may have never thought before. Yes, you will learn to develop them once you have your own kids and you will be able to act based on different situations and settings.

A Role Model

Kids learn through the imitation and what is the first community they will take part in? The family. Kids will observe everything around them and then imitate it. Most parents don’t realize it but kids do observe and notice everything happening around them. They watch you act and behave. They see how you deal with problems. They observe the way you interact with other people. And guess what? They will learn their first and basic knowledge from you. Being a role model isn’t an easy task; in fact it is one of the most difficult parenting tasks you should bear with you. But it can also give a good chance to develop yourself and work on your personal character.

Instead of all talk and no actions, you have to talk the talk and walk the walk. You can’t really say one thing to them and do the opposite. What kind of lessons are you teaching them when you are shouting at them ‘Don’t scream!’ or ‘Don’t talk loudly!’ What kind of lessons are you giving them when you say ‘I want you to be kind and gentle to everyone’ but you are being rude to the maid or the beggar.  Save your explanation; kids learn through real actions. They see you and they will learn that actions are louder and stronger than words. It is your parenting responsibility to be a good role model.

A Fair and Consistent Warrior

Unfairness can happen since the early age and unfortunately, a lot of kids often deal with it. You may have restrictions and prohibition around the house, like ‘Don’t eat the cookie!’ or ‘Turn off the lamp when you aren’t in the room’. Most parents expect only their kids to follow those rules. You need to remember that once the rule is set, it is applicable to everyone – not only to your kids. If it is only applicable to them, they will soon learn about unfairness. Why it is happening to them and not to the adults? Is it because they are kids? This is a difficult parenting task but someone has to do it.

A Teacher

Being a teacher doesn’t mean that you should be perfect all the times. You can show them your flaws and your mistakes and let them learn from your mistakes. This is a parenting role that can be quite difficult to achieve. Most parents don’t want to apologize or discuss their mistakes. But if you want your kids to be functional human beings with good manner and empathy, this is the road you should take.

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