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The Most Common Parenting Mistakes

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The Most Common Parenting Mistakes

Being a parent means that you will have to go through with disciplines, rules, and such thing alike. No parents really like to go through this stage, really, but if you want to prepare your kids for the world, you need to teach them to be tough, resilient, and polite. Good manner and good behavior are important; some say even more important than intelligence. So, how should you start with setting up the rules and the discipline as a way of mastering the parenting skills?

Learn the Signs

Basically, all parents know the signs when their kids are about to have a meltdown or a tantrum. But instead of addressing it, parents tend to ignore it and push our way – which is a parenting mistake that most parents make. If you think that it is okay to have it your way, then why not letting your kids have it their way? It’s just fair, isn’t it? Most kids will develop their own signs when there are hungry, tired, or just being fed up. If you have learned to spot the signs, you won’t have to deal with their tantrums – and the effect is beneficial for everyone, both you and your kids. Don’t be selfish and think more of your kids if you don’t want to deal with the meltdown.

Don’t Be too Negative

How many no’s have you said to your kids on a daily basis? Don’t touch the plant! Don’t play in the rain! Don’t stand while you are in the bathtub! Don’t hold your glass with one hand only! And this will go on and on and on. The problem with the word no is that it can lose its efficiency over time – your kids will get numb of it. Instead of saying no, you can explain why they shouldn’t be doing this or that. Instead of saying ‘Don’t hold your glass with one hand!’, you can say ‘You know what happen if you do that? The glass may fall and it may hurt your foot.’ You will see that it is more effective for them – somehow it hits a nerve. It may require you to spend extra time and energy, but trust me, once you master this parenting skill, it is worth all the efforts.

Too Much Expectation

You told your kids not to be noisy when you are going shopping. But they are shouting and you lose your temper. This is one of the many parenting mistakes done by parents – they expect too much. Parents think that they can tell their kids something only once and their kids will understand. Remember, you are dealing with kids. It takes constant reminder (a lot of them) to finally get the message to them. And patience is also necessary when you do this. This is one parenting skill you need to understand.

Be a Good Role Model

Kids learn from mimicking, and who else will they imitate if not their parents? You don’t want them to say negative curse but you are cursing loudly when someone takes over your way. If you want your kids to grow into honest, well-behaved, and polite individuals, be a good role model. Unfortunately, not all parents understand this parenting responsibility.

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