Parenting Communication Skills The Important Insight

Parenting Communication Skills: The Important Insight

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Parenting Communication Skills The Important Insight

Everyone will develop their own parenting skills and ability over time, depending on their condition and situation. You can’t get these skills in any educational setting – you need to adjust yourself and develop your own ability. It takes a special skill to communicate to your kids too – especially during their early age. After all, communicating with toddlers is easy as long as you know how.

Be Available

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be a good parent and be able to communicate well with your kids. If you have set up a good foundation, your kids will develop their trust. If you always show them that you are all ears, they know that they can always talk to you because you are always available for them – no matter what. You can start by observing their behavior. There are certain times when kids want to talk – during bedtime, inside the car, when you are cooking, etc. Simply be available for them. You don’t have to own a superb parenting skill to be a good listener. It would also help to know about their favorite things and start the conversation. Asking them simple questions won’t hurt anyone.

Listening, a Rare Skill

Everyone can talk but not everyone can be a good listener. One of the most important parenting skills is be a good listener. You can show interest in whatever topic they are talking about. Sometimes it is not easy to listen to them while you are doing other things – especially when you need to get things done – but you can always listen to the important points. Let them finish before you can respond. Don’t hesitate to ask whether they have done or not before you can respond. Ask them again to reinforce it; by doing so, they know that you are actually listening despite your busy activity. Listening and responding are basically the things you need to do to let them know that you are around.

Respond to Them

Use regular tone when talking to them. When they tell you something shocking, you may want to avoid the strong reactions; let alone if you appear defensive or angry. Remember, kids are sensitive creatures that can spot the difference even in the most subtle manner. One of the most important points in parenting communication skill is to focus on what they are feeling – not yours.  You can teach them that it is okay to disagree and such a thing doesn’t have to lead to dispute or quarrel.

Communication skill is important although not everyone realizes it. It sets a bridge between parents and kids and how to express their feelings. Keep in mind that kids learn through imitation. If they learn that you always appear bored and uninterested whenever they are talking, they will return the favor – believe me, you don’t want that. Sometimes, the easiest thing that you can do is to let them talk and you simply listen – without prejudice, judgment, or bad idea. It may seem easy but a good communication is actually one of the hardest parenting skills that all parents should master.

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