Birthday Cake Bakery

If you’re looking for birthday cakes in Brooklyn NY that go above and beyond in both taste and appearance when it comes to birthday cakes, look no further than Duet Bakery.  Our talented bakers know what makes a birthday cake truly special. Every item created in Duet Bakery is made by hand and with great care by our one of a kind staff. With expert chefs and the area’s most extensive list of ingredients, Duet Bakery will make sure you get a birthday cake that is wholly unique.

Are you looking for a fun character cake for your child’s birthday party?  Or do you need something a little more refined for one of your parents?  Whatever your need might be, Duet Bakery has got you covered.  From colorful icing to elegant fruit toppings, there is no end to the possibilities for your birthday cake at Duet Bakery. Whether the cake recipient is young with a  sweet tooth or older with a healthy conscience, the chefs at Brooklyn’s Duet Bakery are always ready for any challenge.

Birthday cakes for the kids can always be fun!  With an assortment of edible toppers, an endless variety of toppings, and all your child’s favorite flavors, Duet Bakery knows what kids like. At Duet, we want to make sure the personality of your child comes through in the design of the cake.  Of course, making a kid’s birthday cake is more than just throwing some icing on top of the cake. Our chefs take the same amount of time and expert care with all of our cakes.  Your child’s colorful and fun cake will receive the same amount of attention as a cake for an older, pickier customer.

Speaking of older customers, Duet Bakery is also willing and ready to poke a little fun at any friends or family members that might be going “over the hill” for their next birthday.  Or, if you’re not the joking type, our chefs are trained in the creation of elegant cakes that you might have only seen in a magazine. As people get older, birthdays tend to mean a little more to some people. Let us reflect that in your next wedding cake.  Click the link below to contact Duet; let us start making that birthday cake you’ve always wanted!

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