Obvious Parenting Signs that You Have Nailed It

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Obvious Parenting Signs that You Have Nailed It

Parenting may be a completely new world for you and you are still learning. There is no school to become parents. The best thing that you can do is to cope with the situations, adjust a new attitude of flexibility, and get on with it. There are ups and downs – and there are moments when you are hit with the failures and mistakes. However, there are also signs where you know that you have achieved a certain accomplishment and success – in your own way.

You Develop Greater Flexibilities

Being flexible is one of the handiest parenting skills that you can manage once you become a parent. What are the signs?

  • You develop a certain skill with one hand – and one hand only – while the other one is holding the baby or soothing the toddler. With one hand holding the baby, the other hand is able to type on the computer, cook the meal, or eat.
  • You are great on doing multitask activities. You can do the laundry, cook the meal, and wash the dishes while taking care of the toddler and feeding the baby.
  • You somehow develop other senses, like the eye at the back of your head or a special spider sense. You know how to turn your heads at the right time to see your toddler is about to plunge into the water bucket or to see your baby is about to fall.
  • You develop out-of-the-world speed and reactions. Besides the spider tingling senses, you also have a super fast reaction. Somehow, you react before you think, managing to save your kids at the right time.

You Have Special Bonding Moments

Creating a greater bond is another factor in great parenting and the signs are pretty obvious. For instance, your working desk is filled with kids stories books or toys. Your tablet computer or laptops are filled with children’s games or children songs from Youtube. When you plan your date night with the kids, the options are revolving in such movies like Finding Dory, Mickey Mouse Houseclub, or Moana. And you have kids’ treats along with it.

Nothing Is Gross

Another sign of parenting success is the fact that your gross sensory is somehow numbed. Nothing is considered gross now. You can deal with the vomit, the snot, the feces, or the slime with such an extend of calmness. You can calmly wipe it off or clean it efficiently without even bugged by the smell. You can move on with your life and previous activities – and you aren’t even bothered with it.

You focus more on your kids and their well-being than yours. You don’t mind doing sacrifice – you don’t even have to think twice about it. You don’t mind not taking a shower for the whole day as long as they are clean and they smell nice. You make sure that they are well fed although your own stomach is empty.  One of the most visible parenting signs is that you always welcome the coffee like the magical elixir that will give you extra power and ability.

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